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England's Medieval Festival Archery Shoots Information

To register for the archery shoots please click here.

Please read Before Registering.

All participants are encouraged register online in advance, and to come dressed in a medieval costume, which ensure free entry to the festival grounds

Medieval Archery (14 targets located around the castle walls, castle moat, and in the woods)..... Starts after registration briefing (0945hrs) but score cards must be in by 3.30pm for a 5pm prize giving on Saturday & Sunday, and 4.30pm on Monday.

The Tamworth (Steve Hoey) Challenge - Winner takes the purse..... Sat, Sun and Mon....£2:00 per archer.  Time and location to be confirmed, usually before afternoon Battle, please check Notice Board each day to confirm time.

Bow weight Restriction: Traditional & Longbow's limited to a maximum draw weight of 60lb. (Due to health & Safety regulations). All Bow's will be Checked, no exceptions.

Registration ....9:00am Daily, unless you register for all 3 days on the Saturday in which case you will be expected to attend the safety brief at 09:45hrs on each day.


Comp Tests... 9:00am - Daily .

If you have a recognised archery leader, within your own group, please ask them to email info@mgel.com  and join our comp test registration scheme for free. This will enable your archery leader to comp test members before the event.


If you are local and wish to comp test BEFORE the event, please contact us at info@mgel.com

Shooters Rights (fed) & those with valid archery insurance may register for all 3 days at £20.00 for adults & £12.00 for Children under 16 years of age. Or daily at £7.50 adults/£5.00 children

Limited archers insurance will be available on-site for an extra fee (TBD)

Archers who wish to camp on-site for the weekend must either be a registered member of a living history group which has booked in for the festival, or pay the full three day archery fee.

The times stated for registration are final (if you are late, the day will start without you).

Tournament limited to 15 teams with 6 to a team. First come first served, unless pre-registered with MGEL..

Nobody allowed in battles unless blunt comp tested and there will be 50 points added to an archers score if he/she takes part in the battle in any form ie. water carrier, Man at Arms, Flag bearer etc.

50 points may also be awarded at the Captain of Archers, discretion for Disabled archers who are unable to help on the battlefield and to those that have to remain with fires in the living history encampments. 

Further info will be given to everyone when they register.

 *Note: Information is subject to change

To enter the archery shoots please fill in the electronic form on this website.