• Medieval Trader Invitation, Information & Application

    It is with great pleasure that we invite you to trade at England's Medieval Festival.
  • Medieval Trader Information

    To be a trader in the Medieval Traders area, you must only trade at medieval events and use an authentic style tent (as your trading pitch is considered an attraction as much as a point of sale). Medieval Traders must dress in authentic style costume of the period and sell period type products (not mass produced or modern products).

    All Medieval Traders must register to participate. At the time of booking a non-refundable registration fee must be paid. It is important to complete this form in full, giving all the information required. Confirmation of the trading space(s) is made upon receipt of the completed form and the registration fee. All relevant trader information is forwarded by email prior to the start of the festival.

    The exact dimensions of your tent and with guy ropes (Total Frontage x Total Depth) must be included on the Medieval Trader's Form - this will be the area you are allocated.

    The maximum size for one (1) Medieval trading space is 25ft frontage or 25ft depth (including guy ropes), however, we request that you only provide the size that you will actually be using during the festival.

    Trading spaces over 25ft frontage or 25ft depth will be required to pay an extra fee. (Note that no vehicles may be parked on-site or under cover of your trading space/tent)

    Trading spaces will be allocated in priority based on the date of registration, but no specific space can be guaranteed.

    Medieval Trader's spaces prices are as follows:

    • £75 each, for a space of up 25ft frontage and/or 25ft depth, if booked before 30th November
    • £85 each, for a space of up 25ft frontage and/or 25ft depth, if booked between 1st Dec & 31st March
    • £95 each, for a space of up 25ft frontage and/or 25ft depth, if booked between 1st Apr & 23rd August
    • For trading spaces that are greater than 25ft frontage, there is an extra fee of £35 for up to a maximum of 12 ft additional frontage (half space), regardless of when your space is booked. (anything over 12ft additional, will require a second trading space)

    Other Items:

    • Table Hire (6ft x 2ft) - £15
    • Chair Hire - £5
    • Medieval Tent Hire (approx. 15ft x 15ft with walls; set-up for use in the Medieval Trader area only) - £250

    Trader Passes:

    Each trading space includes two (2) weekend trader passes. Additional weekend trader passes are £45 each (for extra trader staff who are required to work in your trading space all day/each day of the event including Participant camping area access - not for use by family and friends for event entry only).

    Payments - We only accept payment by BACS (no processing fee), Credit Card (plus 3% processing fee) or Paypal (plus 3% processing fee)

    Refunds - Payments are non-refundable.

    Currency - All payments are in GB Pounds Sterling

    For further information, please contact us at: info@englandsmedfest.co.uk or 02081506767