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The Ice Cream Concession

The Ice Cream Concession

The Ice Cream Concession


Ice Cream Concession

Applications are now welcome. Please complete the online application form by Clicking Here

The cost for the Ice Cream concession is £4,500.00 (or best offer). This entitles the concessionaire to have three ice-cream vans or units on site for all three days. Bookings can be made on-line by BACS or with a credit card.

Applications will be considered on a first come first served basis.

Concessionaire Requirements

In keeping with the medieval theme all servers must be in medieval-style costume or an England’s Medieval Festival T-shirt. Three T-shirts per concession will be provided with additional shirts available for £10.00 each.

One of the ice cream vans will be decorated with a medieval castle wall. It is constructed of painted wood and board and simply hides the wheels and sides in order to give some themed decoration. The serving hatch and top of the van are open and clearly visible.

There will be no electrical plug-in power available where the vans are sited.

One unit will be in each of the three food areas and the positioning of these units is at the complete discretion of the organisers.

Ice cream vans can remain plugged in overnight on site at no charge.

There is free on site camping and hotel accommodations in the areas.

If you are inteterested in being considered for this opportunity, please complete and submit the following form by Clicking Here